Easyfix, the easiest way for the perfect Christmas tree

You can be the perfect Christmas tree, where the tree comes into its own from all angles. Then offers Easyfix solution! Read below for the benefits and also see the introduction movie.

Benefits Easyfix:

  • Fresh (top) trees from our own nursery.

  • The trees are guaranteed straight.

  • Setting up in a few seconds. The (cut) tree and the EasyFix standard lightweight (female friendly). In short, no lugging heavy pots and earth in the living room.

  • It is possible in a simple way in order to give the water tree in the stand. Because trees absorb water easily, the needles stay longer on the tree.

  • Trees up to 3 meters on a standard as possible. The standard need to be purchased once and then re-used each year. The stands are available in different colors.

For more information, by phone or by email, contact us. We are happy to talk to you about this new development in Christmas tree field.