Cultivation process

In order to be able to provide high quality Christmas trees to our customers, there are stages in the cultivation process we have to carry out and these are described as shown.

1. Planting of young small trees
The first step concerns the planting of young Christmas trees. Before these trees can be planted, the earth/field has to be pre-treated and fertilized.

 Planting of young Christmas trees

Young Christmas trees planted

2. Maintenance of trees
After the Christmas trees have been planted, they have to be maintained. The trees are sprayed (vermin suppression), fertilized and frequently checked on lice. The field is also regularly grubbed so that the weed disappears.




Weeding manually

Weeding with tractor

3. Mark and dig up
As from the summer we receive many orders for Christmas trees. At this point trees have to be marked for customers. After this is done, the trees can be prepared for transport. At this time the trees are cut or rootballed for transportation.

Marking the trees



A net around the tree for transport

4. Transportation
After the trees are ready for transport, they are loaded in a truck by means of conveyers. The transport can either be organized by the customer or by Geraerts Bros.

Loading of the trees with a conveyer belt

Loading of the trees in a truck